Monday, January 17, 2005

January Newsletter - Guitar Chords and Lyrics

Just published the Newsletter for January - 10 songs added to the site in the U2 song chords, The Killers song chords, REM song chords, Avril Lavigne song chords, Greenday song chords, Jeff Buckley song chords, Beatles song chords, Joan Armatrading song chords , Simple Plan and The Pixies song chords .

Guitar tips from Andrew Koblick of Amazing Guitar and from Chris Elmore of GuitarTips, plus recommended sites, tab site of the week and more.

You can view the newsletter at

If anyone knows of a good ( preferably free!) mailing list program, I'd appreciate hearing from them - I'm spending almost as much time sending the mailshots ( 7,000 subscribers ) as working out the songs and putting the newsletter together. The only requirement is that recipient addresses would not be shown - I guarantee the security of all subscribers addresses.

PJ Murphy
PJs Guitar Chords and Lyrics

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