Sunday, September 04, 2005

Randy Newman - Louisiana 1927 song chords

I hope no-one finds it inappropriate that I have posted Randy Newman's "Louisiana 1927" on my Randy Newman page ( Randy Newman guitar chords ). While I realise it isn't particularly a song of hope, it echoes the terrible plight of the victims of 'Katrina'. I have had a number of requests for this song in the past few days, presumably from people involved in fundraising gigs. The poignant ' six feet of water in the streets of Evangeline' portrays in song what we are seeing daily on the news channels.

Please click on the RedCross link below and make a donation to help the victims of 'Katrina'. If you are a member of the Blogging community, please consider making a similar post on your own blog. The URL is

"Katrina" Relief Fund - Donate NOW at RedCross.Org

Every contribution, however small, will help someone who is suffering now.


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