Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm no Superman and Jet - Look what you've done

Jan 15
Today I posted two songs to my Rock Songs page: - "I'm no Superman ( Theme song from 'Scrubs' ) and Jet's brilliant song "Look what you've done". Click on the letters at the top of page to jump to the song you want to play.

Please note that all the songs on my site are my interpretation only, and are aimed at promoting the awareness of great artists and music among the guitar learning community.

Enjoy your music,

P.J. Murphy
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Anonymous said...

Hello, P.J.
I love Tom Waits' music and though I realize it isn't technically difficult for most, it is for me as my training was in Spanish Classical. (I kept tellin' Mom I wanted to learn Blues... Hee.)

Anyway, your site has always been among my first resource, and with all the foolishness going on, I was worried you might have to close.

I'm very glad you didn't and I thank you for many hours of enjoyment.


Oh - this is sort of embarassing... could you give the chords to "Green Grass" (from Real Gone)? I think he may be doing something unusual, but I just can't figure it out. Thank you again.

Eva said...

No! It's Eva. (I meant to check "other") Hee.


Anonymous said...

The "I'm no Superman" song is called "Superman (It's not Easy)" by Five For Fighting.

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Anonymous said...


The "I'm no Superman" song that is the theme song for "Scrubs" is called just that, and it's by Lazlo Bane.

Glad to help.