Saturday, November 18, 2006

I Wish it could be Christmas - Wizzard song chords

Finally sat down and worked out chords and lyrics for one of my all-time favourite Christmas songs - Wizzard's "I wish it could be Christmas everyday". Mainly from memory, with a bit of help from some tabs I found on the net ( get 'em while they're still going! ), which I had to transpose to a (fairly) playable key.

It's not the easiest of songs to play solo on acoustic, fine if you're part of a band with full brass section, obviously! I've indicated some 'optional' chords in brackets, mainly 'step' chords from the end of one line to the beginning of the next, where the sax would normally be playing the little end riffs - but you can play without these if you're playing solo at the Christmas night out, with you're inebriated buddies singing their hearts out! I've always said, nobody appreciates mediocrity quite like the drunken mob!!

Seriously, it is a playable song, my interpretation of the chords and lyrics are on my Christmas Songs page at: PJs Guitar Chords and lyrics - Christmas songs "I Wish it could be Christmas" ( last song on page ). There are a whole bunch (47 to be exact ) of Carols and other seasonal songs on the page, from the classics thru the pop range, including Slade, Darkness, John Lennon, Live Aid, Chris Rea - all the good stuff.

I know it's mid-November, but if you plan on Carol singing, or just want to add some fun holiday songs to your repertoire, you should be practicing NOW!

Enjoy your music!

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