Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Supertramp - Breakfast in America (girlfriend) chords and lyrics

It was only when I heard Cupid's Chokehold on radio with their single "Take a look at my girlfriend" that I realized that I hadn't posted the classic Supertramp song "Breakfast in America", from which the chorus samples are taken, to my site. So - I've rectified the omission, my interpretation of the original Supertramp song is now on my Rock Song chords page ( link below )

PJs Guitar Chords and Lyrics - Rock Songs

Though it dates back to 1979, it's another one of those timeless, anthemic songs, when you play it you'll be surprised at how many people are singing along!

Enjoy your music!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the Supertramp chords. I definitely appreciate when people remember the originals in a world of song remakes (as awesome as the remakes can sometimes be). I'll be checking this site more often!