Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guitar Chords and Lyrics - Joshua Radin "I'd rather be with you"

Joshua Radin is one of those artists who just seems to pass me by, I never seem to hear his songs on radio. I had previously posted my chords and lyrics version of "Closer", which was from Joshua's debut album "We Were Here", but which I actually first heard in an episode of "Scrubs" ( which has been a great source for me in finding good artists I might never have otherwise heard ).

I did recently hear "I'd rather be with you" played on Irish radio, and assumed it was his new single, but a little research shows that this is from his 2nd album "Simple Times", released in 2008, and he actually has a new album "The Rock and The Tide" currently in pre release. I must keep my ears open this time!

In any case, I have worked on creating a simple version of the song, and my interpretation is now on my Pop Songs guitar chords page at the link below

PJs Guitar Chords and Lyrics - Pop Songs, Joshua Radin "I'd Rather be with You"

You should try playing along with the song above, or at YouTube - Joshua Radin "I'd rather be with you". The song is actually in C sharp / D flat, but I've chorded it in C major, so you'll need to put a capo on the first fret to play along in the correct key.

Check out the Joshua Radin MySpace page, where you can listen to "I'd Rather Be With You" and 3 of his other songs, check out his official website at JoshuaRadin.com

If you are a new visitor, or haven't visited in a while, check out the more than 1,800 songs on my guitar song chords and lyrics site

Enjoy your music!

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