Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Two Door Cinema Club - Chords for "What You Know"

This is my second attempt at working out a 2-Door Cinema Club song, having posted chords and lyrics for "Something Good Can Work" to my Rock Songs Guitar Chords Page about a year ago.

With the shortage of good new songs by what I'd class as "Guitar Bands" these days, I've had to step a bit outside of my comfort zone and try working on songs by bands like "Owl City", "Florence and the Machine", "Paramore" and a few others in, I suppose, the "electro-pop" genre, including of course "Two Door Cinema Club". They are almost all nice, catchy, sing-along songs though, and generally sound ok even just played on acoustic guitar, even though the song itself is carried mostly by electronic keyboards.

This one is in the key of F#m, so I have transcribed it to Em, which means putting a capo on the 2nd fret, to bring it up to the original key.

Chords aren't too tricky: Em, Em7, D6, Bm, Cmaj7 on the verse, and Em, Em7/F# ( 220000 ), G and Cmaj7.

My guitar version of "What You Know" has been uploaded to my Rock songs chords page, you can find it at the link below:

Rock Guitar chords and lyrics to "What You Know" by Two Door Cinema Club

Play along with the video above, or on Youtube at Two Door Cinema Club "What You Know" on YouTube

Go to CDUniverse to browse the album and singles from the band: Two Door Cinema Club music at CD Universe

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Enjoy your music!

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