Sunday, August 06, 2006

10 Million Visitor Giveaway - Free competition

As notified in the last blog post, I have been preparing an event, with a load of guitar and music goodies to give away to say 'Thank You!' to my supporters at PJs Guitar Chords and Lyrics, who have helped me reach the 10 Million visitor mark. Top prize is a rare Ibaneze Ozfest guitar, and there are also guitar lessons, keyboard lessons, guitar backing tracks, voice lessons, guitar tips and other tasty musical packages. Thirty prizes in total will be awarded over the next 6 weeks or so. Well, it's now up and running and you can enter at the link below:

10 Million Visitor "Thank You" Giveaway Page - Click Here!

( You should note that there is a second signup link on this page to enter for the Ibanez Ozfest guitar, as my friends at GuitarTrader had organized this as a seperate 'congratulations' event. I've placed a prominent link on the page above to the Ibanez giveaway, to combine both competitions on one page )

A really big Thank You to my partners who have been incredibly generous in donating great prizes to help make this a landmark celebration to remember!.

Enjoy your music,

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