Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Scissor Sisters - I don't feel like Dancing

Whatever it is about the Scissor Sisters, it's always hard to find anyone who admits they might be cool, but everytime they release a single, it's the most requested song I get!!

Took me a while to exorcise the whole ghost of the 'Bee Gees' that haunts the new one, but, in the end, it's just a good-time song you can have a lot of fun playing on guitar, so I've posted it to my 'Pop Songs' page:

Find out more about the band on their website:

My 10 Million Visitor competition is now over - to see if you've won, check out the winners page:

There are a lot of guitar lessons sites and programs out there, but I've discovered a really great resource for the 'Beginner' to 'Intermediate' guitar player, which doesn't assume any previous musical knowledge or skills, but takes you through all of the early stages of the learning process, and brings you along at a pace that traditional guitar lessons could never match.

Enjoy your music!

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