Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Paddy Casey - 'Addicted to Company' chords

Always a pleasure to add a post from an Irish artist!.

Hardly prolific, Paddy has just released his 3rd album, having had major successes with 'Amen(So be it)' in 1999 and the multi-platinum 'Living' in 2003.

'Addicted to Company(Part 1 )' was released in September 2007, and while four years between albums seems a long wait, it was certainly worth it.

The first single from the album is also called 'Addicted to Love', and I have worked out my interpretation of the song, and posted it to my Rock Songs page: http://www.guitarsongs.info/rock.htm - PJs Guitar Chords - Rock songs
at the link below:

Guitar chords and lyrics - Paddy Casey "Addicted to Company"

You can find out more about Paddy Casey at his official website: paddycasey.com

Enjoy your music!

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Kevin Lucas said...

He is good sing a song.