Thursday, March 13, 2008

Free Acoustic Guitar Video Lesson

PJ's chords and Lyrics presents:

I have been singing the praises of Dan Denleys guitar courses - AmazingGuitar, BluesGuitar, LeadGuitar and AcousticGuitar for some time now. The link to the Acoustic course has been displaying "Sold Out" for some weeks now, but it is being relaunched tomorrow, Fri 14th March at 11 a.m. Eastern time. To celebrate the relaunch, Dan has given me a POWERFUL, 14 minute free video lesson crammed with incredible info about guitar CHORDS to share with my Blog readers. In this video you'll discover:

-> How chords are related to scales...

-> Why some chords are maj, minor, dom, etc.

-> What guitarists mean when they say... "two
chord" or "five chord" etc.

-> Which chords come from the major scale

-> The difference between a triad and a 7th

...and a LOT more.

You can watch it here right now:

14 Minute Guitar Chords Lesson - From Dan Denley's AcousticGuitarSecrets course

This video shows extracts of Dan's Acoustic Guitar Secrets course,
which is fast becoming THE standard for learning acoustic guitar.
The course completely sold out when it was released back in December,
hence the unavailable message you will have seen if you clicked the
link recently.

Now, *finally* it's going to be available again, remember it's
tomorrow: Fri, Mar 14 at 11AM (eastern).

Oh - and you can also download this video and watch on your iPod.
Just look for the "iPod" link.

I own a copy of this course, and it has done more to improve my
guitar playing than anything I've tried in the past 20 years.
Seriously. I would strongly advise anyone who REALLY wants to be
a "Guitar Player" to grab a copy of the course, you won't regret
it. But get in early, I have a feeling that the "Sold Out" signs
will be back up fairly soon, also Dan is making noises about
splitting the course into 3 seperate courses, which will almost
certainly increase the cost.

Either ways, you can enjoy the free 14-minute video lesson at:

14 Minute Guitar Chords Lesson - From Dan Denley's AcousticGuitarSecrets course

More song chords from me very soon!!

Enjoy your music!

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guitarmash said...

Thanks for the link to the video, that really helped me and that program looks pretty neat. PS. I like your squidoo lens :)

Sl4sh said...

Nice Blog.