Friday, June 05, 2009

Wilco - 'My Darling' guitar chords and lyrics

So far I've mainly been working out and including Wilco songs from "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot", this having been the album which ( somewhat belatedly ) got me hooked.

The plan was to move forward thru the newer albums, but I don't make any apologies for now including the gorgeous "My Darling", from the even earlier "Summerteeth Album".

My musical taste for anything post-1990 has been mainly informed by my gorgeous daughters, who are both Wilco fans, and "My Darling" is a really beautiful song from a parent to their child, which I'd like to dedicate to them. I know, I know, you didn't have me pegged as the schmaltzy type - it's a Father thing.... But it is a lovely, simple song, with pretty basic guitar chords - C, Em, D, G, F.

You can find my chords and lyrics interpretation of "My Darling" on my Wilco page (below):

Wilco - "My Darling" song chords and lyrics

Check out the songs on YouTube, hopefully these interpretations can help you play along with the songs while learning them.

Wilco's official site is If you want to browse or buy Wilco music online, click the link below:

Wilco CDs at CD Universe

Enjoy your music!

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