Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Missing songs from Chordie

Those of you who regularly use Chordie will have seen frequent messages for several songs indicating that "The person hosting these songs has asked them to be removed from the Chordie index"

Apologies, but I am that person! I'm sorry if you've been frustrated by seeing these messages instead of your requested song chords, but permission was never given to Chordie to use these songs, and they have graciously removed them at my request.

I would have preferred if they had instead replaced their pages with links to my original transcriptions, but this was unfortunately not possible.

Anywaze, you can find all 1,800 of 'em at PJ's Guitar Chords and Lyrics - http://www.guitarsongs.info/. Or just search for PJs Chords.

While there are many 'warehouse' song chord and tab sites out there, my site is based on accurate chord interpretations of an eclectic selection of my favourite songs and artists from the 60's right up to songs in the current charts.


P.S. I've received one post from a Chordie fan which was 'less than complimentary'. Just want to say that this post was not to 'diss' Chordie in any way, it is an excellent site, and I have had a great working relationship with Per & Co for many years. But 'an unexpected error occurred', resulting in all of my efforts of 10 years being subsumed into the Chordie 'engine'. Per has corrected this, but has left the links pointing to an apology. I'm just trying to make sure people who have reached these pages know that the songs have not just disappeared, and let them know where to find them.

Ok J??

P.J. Murphy
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Anonymous said...

Can't log onto Chordie...a firewall is preventing connection. Anyone know what is occurring?

P.J. Murphy said...

Yes, I cannot connect to Chordie right now either. I assume this is a temporary server fault, as I am sure if it were any legal or other issue, there would be at least a message on the site to indicate this.

Hopefully they will be up and running again shortly.