Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Arcade Fire - Wake Up chords and lyrics

This is actually a blog post for a song which has been on my site for some time.

I haven't listened nearly enough to Arcade Fire, I don't even have any good excuses.

But, to be honest, the main reason I'm highlighting the song today is that my nephew created a short video of my beautiful daughter's wedding ceremony, with this song as the background track, so as a proud father, it now has new meaning for me. It is also a really great and fun song to learn and to play.

My chords and lyrics version of the song is on my Rock Songs Guitar Chords page at the link below:

PJ's Guitar Chords and Lyrics - Miscellaneous Rock Songs

And you can play along with the song by playing the video below. Obviously I'd rather you gave the clip a run through first, if only to see why I've done the proud father thing - also thought my nephew did a first class job catching the moments, the little glances and the general happiness of bride, groom and everyone present.

But, of course, if you just want to learn the song, that's good too!

If the embedded video doesn't play, you can find the YouTube version at Arcade Fire "Wake Up" - Nycola and Marc's wedding

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Enjoy your music!

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1 comment:

carole w said...

Thank you for sharing this video, I was very touched.
Wa just checking for cords to play the song, ended up watching some images of a great couple getting married.
( they look like young children and best friends..lol)