Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Killers "World we live in" chords & lyrics

"The World We Live In" is the 3rd single from the Killers' latest album "Day and Age". An interesting song with shifting chord sequences and some really good melodies and harmonies.

I have worked out a chords and lyrics version, as basic as is possible with the Killers! You can find it on my Killers chords page at the link below:

Song Chords and Lyrics for "This is the World we live in" by The Killers

If you want to try playing along with the song, play the video above or on Youtube at The Killers World We Live in

Have a look at the official website for The Killers at:, they've got loads of good stuff, info on the band, a fan club, forum and online store.

Chris Elmore, who has been a great supporter and regular contributor to my newsletter has consolidated all of his guitarist resources under one banner - elmore-music.

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For early learners, or those who want to bring their guitar playing to a higher level, I have put together a list of cool and useful guitarist resources ( including the Elmore Music lessons above ) on my Online Guitarist Resources page, please feel free to check them out!

Enjoy your music!

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