Monday, February 22, 2010

The Fratellis "Milk and Money" guitar chords

The second Fratellis album "Here we Stand" never quite got to me in the way that the debut album "Costello Music" did. Never sure why? I suppose when any band produces such a brilliant first album, topping it is always gonna be difficult.

But I have previously posted a couple of the gems to my Fratellis song chords page - "Look out Sunshine" and "Mistress Mabel", the first two singles from the album.

Just giving it a fresh listen, and the track that stood out this time was "Milk and Money", which has a lyrical ballady bit, and ends with the usual raucous rumpus you expect from Glasgow's finest.

I've worked out my interpretation of the chords and lyrics of "Milk and Money", and added it to my Fratellis song chords page:

The Fratellis guitar chords and lyrics - Milk and Money

Chords are quite playable, even for 'newbie' players, with the verse consisting of C Am Dm G, and the Chorus having C C7 F Fm. Even the frenetic bit at the end ( which you might wanna avoid if your playing on acoustic ) only uses chords Am G F and Em - but the chord changes can be hard to catch just right!

Play along with the song on the video above, or on Youtube at Fratellis "Milk and Money" on Youtube

The Fratellis official website is at:

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Enjoy your music!

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Great website - have you got the chords to Christy's 'Welcome to the Cabaret'?