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Guitar Chords "Old Dan Tucker" Bruce Springsteen ( Trad )

I first heard "Old Dan Tucker" played at one of the fabulous Sunday night sessions in Wexford Town's 'Sky and the Ground' bar ( If you're visiting Wexford this summer this is the place to be for great music ).

I first thought that it might have been one of Paul C.'s own creations, he performs the song so well, but it has that authentic foot-stompin' barn-dancin' sound of old Americana, so I ran my usual check on Wikipedia , and found that it was one of the songs on Springer's "Seeger Sessions", having thought to have originally been written in the early 1800's. The Seeger Sessions had totally passed me by, as I haven't been a huge Pete Seeger fan, but I will definitely be checking out this album now!

"Dan Tucker" is one of those raucous rip-roaring songs which will always get the crowd joining in on the chorus ( or during the intro, as in the video clip below! )
It's a standard old "Three Chord Trick", so you should be able to sing it in the key of your choice. In "The Boss's" version below the song is in E major, but he's playing with a capo on 4th fret, so the chords he plays are C, F, G, C.

The song does lend itself well to being played with the C chord structure, so you can just try moving the capo until it fits your singing voice. If you don't want to use a capo, my Guide to guitar chord transposition should help you find the chords which suit you best.

I've transcribed a very simple version of this song, using the lyrics from the Springsteen video ( there are many other versions with additional verses if you want to search for 'Old Dan Tucker' lyrics ), and posted it to my Bruce Springsteen song chords page at the link below:

Guitar Chords and Lyrics to Bruce Springsteen "Old Dan Tucker"

If the video clip above doesn't play correctly, click here to play the YouTube video.

You can check out or purchase "We shall overcome: Seeger Sessions" or any of Springer's albums or CD's at:
this Bruce Springsteen CD Universe music link

Springer's official website is at http://www.brucespringsteen.net/news/index.html

Enjoy your music!

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