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Train "Hey Soul Sister" Guitar Chords and Lyrics

Sometimes I wonder if I'm living on another planet. When I first heard "Hey Soul Sister" on the radio, I thought it was maybe Jason Mraz or one of the new genre of singer-songwriters, but the DJ announced it was by a band called "Train", I thought "Hey! Great to hear another new pop/rock band on the scene".

So - I worked on the song and just before creating this post I thought I'd check the band out on the ever-reliable Wikipedia, only to find that they have been a really successful band in the US since the release of their debut album "Train" TWELVE YEARS AGO!! "Hey Soul Sister" is actually the first single from their 6th album "Save me San Francisco". I dunno, maybe just one of those bands who didn't get picked up by UK/European radio stations until now.

Either way, it's a great song, and not that difficult to play. The verses consist of E, B, C#m and A, with chorus chords of A, B and E. If you find these chords a bit tricky to play, just place a capo on the 2nd fret and transpose the chords as follows:

E ->D
B ->A
A ->G

So the verse chords will be D, A, Bm and G, and the chorus will have G, A and D.

I will try to check out the Train back-catalogue, and maybe work out a few more of their songs, they sound like a really good band. In the meantime I've added my interpretation of "Hey Soul Sister" in chords and lyrics format to my Rock songs chords page, just click on the link below:

Rock Guitar chords and lyrics to "Hey Soul Sister" by Train

Play along with the video above, or on Youtube at Train "Hey Soul Sister" on YouTube

Check out the Train albums, including "Save Me San Francisco" at CD Universe: Train music at CD Universe

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Enjoy your music!

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