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Arcade Fire "We used to Wait" Guitar Chords and Lyrics

Arcade Fire are a great Canadian band founded in 2003 by husband and wife team Win Butler and Régine Chassagne.

Although I do really like the band, most of their songs I've heard don't really lend themselves to being played by early learners, either on acoustic or electric guitar.

I have previously posted "Wake Up" from the debut album "Funeral". Ironically it was highlighted to me by my nephew using it as the backdrop for a brilliant video montage he made of my eldest daughter's wedding in 2009. Excuse the paternal pride, but I'd be delighted if you'd like to check that one out, it's on Youtube at Nycola & Marc's wedding - Arcade Fire "Wake Up"

The chords and lyrics for both Wake Up and We Used to Wait are on my Miscellaneous Rock songs page at Rock songs guitar chords - W

"We used to wait" is another great song, the first single from the 2010 "Suburbs" album".

The song is in the key of C minor, but I have transposed it to A minor to create a set of chords which will be more suitable for the learning guitarist, or indeed for anyone playing the song. After transposition, the chords are: Am, C/G, F, D5 and Em. the C/G chord is just a C chord with the addition of the pinky on the 3rd fret, 1st string, i.e. 032013. D5 is a "Power Chord" and is played as x355xx. If you are in the early learning stages, you can just play standard C and D chords here, it will still sound fine.

To play along with the original, put a capo on the 3rd fret, and you will be playing in the same key as the original song.

My 'easy-to-play' interpretation of "We Used to Wait (for it)" is at Guitar Chords for Arcade Fire "We used to wait" .

Play along with the video below, or on Youtube at Arcade Fire "We Used To Wait (for it)" on YouTube

All of Arcade Fire's releases are available to browse or buy at CD Universe: Arcade Fire music at CD Universe

If you're looking to improve your guitar playing, check out my list of cool and useful guitarist resources on my Online Guitarist Resources page

Enjoy your music!

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