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Good Charlotte "Like its her birthday" Chords and Lyrics

This is only my third effort at working out chords and lyrics for a Good Charlotte song, despite their having released 5 albums since 2000. I guess they don't get too much airplay on Irish or UK radio, so I have only previously posted my interpretations of "Lifestyles of the rich and famous" and "Dance Floor Anthem", both of which are featured on my Miscellaneous Rock songs guitar chords page .

I like the bands indie/pop/rock sound, and the songs are usually pretty playable, even for learning guitarists, so I hope to get a chance to listen to the new album "Cardiology" and maybe work out chords for another song or two - probably "Counting the Days" which I gather is to be the second single.

"Like it's her birthday" is played in the tricky key of F sharp, or more accurately, G sharp minor, so once again I've tried to simplify the song by transposing it to the key of D / E minor, and putting a capo on the 4th fret so that you can play along with the original. Doing it this way means the chords used are D, Em, C and G, which are raised by the capo to the actual chords of F#, G#m, E and B.

I have posted my transposed version of "Like it's her Birthday" on my Rock Songs Guitar Chords page at (PJ's Guitar Chords and Lyrics)

The chords and lyrics for this great Good Charlotte song are at this link:

Guitar chords and lyrics to "Like it's her Birthday" by Good Charlotte

Play along with the video below, or on Youtube at Good Charlotte "Like it's her Birthday" on YouTube

You can browse and purchase all of Good Charlotte's albums and singles at CD Universe: Good Charlotte music at CD Universe

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