Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Villagers - "Becoming A Jackal" chords and lyrics

My first attempt at chording a song by Irish Band "Villagers". I first heard this song on "Later with Jools Holland", they sounded to me quite like one of my favourite bands "The Shins".

One thing these bands certainly have in common is producing very melodic songs with basic major and minor chords, but which are really difficult to play - the lyrics not always following the chord sequence in any flowing or rhythmic way

But - I've given it my best shot, and added my chords and lyrics version of the song to my Rock Songs Guitar Chords page at Guitarsongs.info.

The chords themselves are straightforward enough - Am, Am7/G, Dadd9, B7, Em, Em7, C, C/B, G, Bm, F and G7. Keeping them flowing, while singing the lyrics, I must admit I found quite difficult, so this one may not suit the early learner.

You can check out my version off "Becoming A Jackal" at the link below:

Villagers - "Becoming A Jackal" chords and lyrics

Play along with the video above, or on YouTube at Villagers - "Becoming A Jackal".

You can buy their new debut album, "Becoming a Jackal", at CD Universe - Villagers music page

The official Villagers website is at http://www.wearevillagers.com/

If you're looking to improve your guitar playing, check out my list of cool and useful guitarist resources on ( where else! ) my Online Guitarist Resources page

Enjoy your music!

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