Friday, January 25, 2008

Dave Fanning Show RTE 2FM Monday 24th

"No man is a prophet in his own land"

Despite the fact that my chords and lyrics website approaches its 7 millionth visitor, and in fact does receive many visitors from my native Ireland, ( tho' the vast majority are from the USA, UK, Australia and Canada), I was really chuffed to hear that a number of listeners had called the Dave Fanning show tonight to praise PJs Guitar Chords and Lyrics . Unfortunately I was out and missed the programme, but I'll be listening to the webcast tomorrow at

2FM is the 'national' radio station, and Dave has been for many years the coolest DJ in the country. In the early 80's, when my work took me to 'Dooblin', away from my family for long periods of time, listening to Dave playing my kinda music late at night ( after the pubs! ) got me thru many a lonely night.

Dave's been Irelands 'ambassador of cool' ever since, and is respected in the music industry worldwide, interviewing and hob-nobbing with the greats, so it was an honour for me to get a mention on the show - cheers Dave!

If you like the music on my website, and if you're into listening to web radio while you work/play at your computer, the Dave Fanning webcasts are definitely for you ( ). I'm listening to Dave's interview with my favourite artist, the inimitable Tom Waits as I type this.

"I'm kinda livin' upside down these days, I guess".......


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