Sunday, January 13, 2008

John Mayer - 'Somethings Different' chords

I had a request from Dave Scott for John Mayer's "Something's Different", from the 2003 "Heavier Things" album. To be honest, working out versions of John Mayer songs suitable for learning to intermediate guitar players is quite a challenge, but it's a gorgeous song, so I've done my best with it, I hope I've done it justice. You can find it on my John Mayer guitar chords and lyrics page below:

Chords and lyrics for John Mayer songs

I've been listening to John Mayer's third album "Continuum", so far only included "Waiting on the World to Change" from this one, but there are now 14 songs on the John Mayer page (above).

Find out more about John Mayer on his website: and on Wikipedia's John Mayer page

Enjoy your music!

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