Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Shins - Phantom Limb Chords

The Shins ( hailing from Portland, Oregon )have been around for quite a long time, recording their first album in 1997 as "Flake Music" - my first post of one of their songs was "New Slang" from the 2001 album "Oh, Inverted World". I had also previously posted "This Celibate Life" ( ironically enough, on St. Valentine's Day... ), and "Kissing the Lipless".

I've only had a few listens to their 2007 album "Wincing the Night Away", but enough for me to know they will be a band I will follow, and hopefully continue to work out playable versions of their songs for learning guitarists.

So, as I've worked out the chords and lyrics to "Phantom Limb", I've also created a Shins guitar chords page, and moved the older songs from their previous location on my Rock Songs guitar chords page.

Enjoy your music!

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