Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February Site update - 10 songs added, newsletter published

Ten songs added to the site today, February newsletter http://www.guitarsongs.info/news170205.htm issued to the 7,000+ mailing list subscribers.

Two Tom Waits song chords from his latest album ( Hoist That Rag, Make it Rain) and also two REM song chords ( Around the Sun, Final Straw ), one each for the Blur song chords page ( Song 2 ) and the Rory Gallagher guitar chords page ( Tattoo'd Lady ) , plus four songs for the Miscellaneous Rock guitar chords and lyricsPage:

Pete Yorn: Live on A Chain
The Killers: Somebody Told me
Phoenix: If I ever Feel Better
Brendan Benson / White Stripes: Good To Me

You can see a history of site updates at http://www.guitarsongs.info/updates.htm


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