Thursday, February 14, 2008

Paul Simon - Father and Daugter

It has been a while since I posted chords for a Paul Simon song. While I've never been a huge fan ( only 7 solo songs + 3 S&G songs on my Paul Simon guitar chords page ), I have bought most of the albums, without playing them all that often. Since I started to listen to music almost exclusively on my MP3 player, a bunch of songs I hadn't heard in a while are jumping out and reminding me how good they are. "Father and Daughter" is just one of these songs. The guitar chords aren't too tricky for a Paul Simon song, and as a father of two daughters, I can't help but be grabbed by the lyrics. You can find my version of the guitar chords and lyrics to "Father and Daughter" on my Paul Simon / Simon and Garfunkel guitar chords and lyrics page below:

Chords and lyrics for Paul Simon songs

Paul Simon's official website is at:

Enjoy your music!

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