Thursday, February 14, 2008

Weezer - Susanne

As I update my website with chords and lyrics to my favourite songs, I try to maintain a balance of old and new songs. This time I've reached back, right back to 1994! My first experience of Weezer was buying a PC with Windoze95, at the birth of the multimedia PC. The OS CD had 3 or 4 music videos, one of which was 'Buddy Holly', from the debit 'Blue' album. Although Suzanne was recorded ( I think as a B-side ) at that time, I only heard it when it was included on a Bonus disc, when the album was re-released in 2004.

25 albums and 22 singles on, they are still one of my top 'feelgood guitar bands', both to listen to, and to busk out my own ( mostly acoustic guitar ) versions of. I've posted my interpretation of the chords and lyrics to "Suzanne" on my Weezer guitar chords page. I hope you remember the song, and will enjoy playing it!

Check out the official Weezer website at : or check out their album and singles list on their CDUniverse page

Enjoy your music!

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raddith said...

i need lyrics and guitar chords for new song album of lenny krevitz

P.J. Murphy said...

You can find a bunch of Lenny Kravitz songs at: