Friday, October 14, 2005

KT Tunstall - Suddenly I See song chords and lyrics

14th October: Added a new page for KT Tunstall songs ( only 3 so far - "Suddenly I See", "Other Side of the World" and "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree", but I expect to add more, as I like most of her stuff ). Check out the page at KT Tunstall guitar chords and lyrics

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Floris said...

I played along with "Suddenly I See" and I think the chords differ a bit from the ones given on this website. Verse might be alright, but from "Everything around her" on, these are the ones:
G | A | F#m | Bm |
G | A | F#m | Bm |
G | G | Gm | Gm | > to chorus

Chorus chords ("Suddenly I See...") go like this:
Bm | F# | G | D |
Bm | F# | Gm | C | > back to verse

You might add some 7's to some of the chords, but getting major/minor alright is most important in playing this song

VMMJWRUY said...

bass guitar music read sheet.

Some guitar players make a virtue out of NOT

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But they make a HUGE vice out of not beng able to read their cellphone keypad.

'Scuse me?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that - these chords look much better than the other published ones I found.


krazydrummer said...

i need some help. you see, i love the drum part to "suddenly i see" but no matter where i look i cant find music that tells you how to play the drum part to it. anyone know where i can find a place that will give me the drum part, whether its free or not???
if you do leave a comment here or email me at

Adam said...


Good job, I don't have my guitar here with me at work but I can tell from just looking that those are the correct chords. Great progression and melody in that part, thanks!