Thursday, November 17, 2005

Amazing Guitarist resource!

Nov 17th.

Part of my mission with is to find other
really useful guitarist resources and pass them on to my website
and blog visitors.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across something sooooo amazing.
At first I thought it was 'too good to be true,' like most things
are. But, I have to admit it's lived up to my high expectations.
And there's really only one word to describe it...


You see, I was sitting at my desk, poking around on the
internet the other day when I stumbled across this website
that claimed to expose the *insider secrets* of playing
guitar. (How many of those have we seen, lately?)

Anyway, I decided to see what this guy was up to. Turns
out that he's a real musician -- as in, got a music degree
to back up everything he teaches. In fact, he even
has his college transcript with all the classes he took
right on his site. In any case, the content speaks for itself.

He's got an entire course on guitar. And, well,
it's REALLY good. I got a copy and went through
the entire thing from start-to-finish. It's the Real Deal.
Here's a few of the things it includes:

--> How to play the major and minor CAGED chords
--> The major/minor Barre chords
--> All 7 positions of the Major scale
--> All 7 positions of the minor, harmonic minor and melodic minor scales
--> The modes, the major/minor pentatonic scales
--> The blues scale with famous blues licks
--> 20 finger strength and agility exercises
--> How to interpret chord symbols like (G7#5)
--> How to write your own music
--> Tremolo picking, double bends, tapping, slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, etc.

WHEW! That was a mouthful.

This thing is CRAMMED with info. It's actually
4-hours of video instruction, 324 pages of downloadable
books, and 135 audio tracks. There's an option to get the
whole package sent as 'hard copy', DVD's, bound copies of
the books - this suited me better - I prefer learning 'offline',
and it frees up the PC for the rest of the family!

So, if you're serious about learning all the nitty-gritty
details about guitar theory, scales and chords, I
would HIGHLY recommend you go grab your copy of
this *amazing* course.

Here's the link:

There's a whole bunch of good free stuff including a free 6-part
mini-course at the top of the page which you should grab in
any case. The copy on the page is pretty lengthy, but there is
a lot to describe, and you should read it all the way thru. It's
pretty standard sales stuff, but if you are really serious about
playing guitar, and learning guitar theory, this really is the best course
I've found in all my years trawling the web for guitar learning materials
- particularly if you aspire to playing lead guitar. As an acoustic player
of too many years to mention, this is the spur I needed to get me back on
track to being the lead guitar player I know I can be.

Enjoy your music.

P.J. Murphy


WQXHPHEU said...

guitar music read.

Some guitar players make a virtue out of NOT

knowing guitar music read.

But they make a HUGE vice out of not beng able to read their cellphone keypad.

'Scuse me?

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