Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Razorlight - In the Morning

A lot of great new bands springing up in the UK of late, I particularly like London band Razorlight, who've been around for a couple of years now.

I have posted my interpretation of the chords and lyrics to "In the Morning" from their second album "Razorlight" to my 'Razorlight song chords' page, click on the link below to go to the page.


Find out more about the band on their website: http://www.razorlight.co.uk/

My 10 Million Visitor competition is still in full swing, four of the Prizeweeks completed now, and draw made for Prizeweek 5 winners. To see if you've won, check out the winners page:


Still not too late to enter for the Prizeweek 6 prizes, and of course for the Grand Prize - the rare Ibanez Ozzfest Guitar.

Ibanez wanted to host their own 'congratulations' page and have a seperate signup to win the guitar at this link: PJs Guitar Chords 10 Million Visitor celebration - Ibanez Guitar Giveaway

For the remainder of the prizes, including guitar lessons, keyboard lessons, blues lessons, voice training lessons and more, sign up at the link below:

PJ's 10 Million Visitor Celebration Giveaway!!!

You are very welcome to enter, and ..... Best of Luck!

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Enjoy your music!

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