Sunday, November 16, 2008

Young Folks - Peter,Bjorn&John

The power of advertising kicks in again! The song from the Budweiser ads, with the whistling intro which burns its way into your brain and won't go away, is 'Young Folks' by Sweden's Peter, Bjorn and John, from their 2006 album 'Writer's Block'. I've only heard a few songs from the album, but they sound pretty good, in the genre of Snow Patrol, The Zutons, Keane, The Shins et al. Anywaze, I've posted my interpretation of the chords and lyrics to 'Younk Folks' at:

Find out more about the band on their website:

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Enjoy your music!

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Anonymous said...


was lazy and looking for the chords to 'Young Folks' (my daughter is crazy about it and wants to play it on the piano) and found your page.

The chords sounded so-so to me so I delved into it myself, I think it's more like the following progression:


and in the refrain the variation to

F///|C/// etc.

Bye, Ewald

Anonymous said...

try this:
F/ Am/ C/ Em/
Dm/ F C

Dm// C/// F C
Dm/// C

C// F// C/ etc.