Friday, November 21, 2008

Leonard Cohen - A Singer Must Die

I'm conscious that I've been neglecting to include older songs of late, trying to keep up with the best in current rock and pop artists and songs.

The intention was always to try and create a balance, and add a good mix of songs each month, old, new, rock bands, singer-songwriters etc.

So I've delved into my CD archives and found a great Leonard Cohen song I had neglected to add - 'A Singer must die' from the 'New Skin for the Old Ceremony' album ( c. 1974 )

I've added it to my Leonard Cohen Song Chords page ( unsurprisingly! ). It's a great song to play, great lyrics and I've enjoyed rediscovering it immensely. I hope you will too! Check it out at the link below

Guitar chords and lyrics to Leonard Cohen "A singer must die"

Check out the official Leonard Cohen website at :

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Enjoy your music!

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