Sunday, April 29, 2007

How Wonderful You Are - Gordon Haskell

BBC2's 'Top of the Pops 2' is a great resource for reminders of great songs from previous years which I'd neglected to include on the website - watching tonight I heard Gordon Gaskell's "How wonderful you are" - one of those 'out of the blue' hits in 2001.

I sat down and worked out a playable version of the song, lovely bluesy chords and a great melody. A bit stumped as to which of my site pages to include it on - as the former singer and Bass player with the great King Crimson, you'd expect to add his songs to the Rock song chords page - I eventually settled on my Soul/Rhythm&Blues page: at the link below:

PJs Guitar Chords and Lyrics - Soul songs, Gordon Haskell "How wonderful you are"

If you're asking "Who the hell is Gordon Haskell", well, just checkout Gordon's official website - If you can't remember the song ( or never heard it ) it's on his MySpace page:

Enjoy your music!

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