Friday, May 04, 2007

Release Me - Oh Laura ( Saab Ad )

I found myself humming this song, and couldn't figure out for an age where it was coming from - but it's the song for the new Saab ad, "Release Me" by Swedish Band 'Oh Laura'.

Really catchy song, best suited for femal vocals, but I worked out a playable version, which I've posted on my Pop Guitar Song chords page: . The song is actually in A major, but I think it sounds better played in E, with the capo on 5th fret to bring it up to A, which allows for a nice E-F# riff. Check it out at the link below, I hope you'll enjoy it!

PJs Guitar Chords and Lyrics - Pop Songs chords, Oh Laura "Release Me"

You can find out more about the band ( and listen to the song! ) on their MySpace page:

Enjoy your music!

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