Thursday, May 17, 2007

Regina Spektor - Hotel Room ( Vodaphone Ad )

Ok, I've definitely turned commercial - this is the second song from a TV ad I've worked out this month! Always delighted to hit on a new song by a good female singer. I'm conscious of the fact that about half of my visitors are of the female persuasion, so even if I'm not likely to ad some of the songs to my own repertoire, I still enjoy working them out, so long as the songs are good.

This time I picked up on the song in the Vodaphone ad, which is Regina Spektor singing 'Hotel Room', really nice song, from an artist I hadn't really listed to much before now. I've posted my interpretation of the chords and lyrics to my Pop Guitar Song chords page:, at the link below, I hope you'll have some fun with it!

PJs Guitar Chords and Lyrics - Pop Song chords, Regina Spektor "Hotel Room"

You can find out more about Regina on her official website:

Enjoy your music!

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