Saturday, November 24, 2007

Battle of the Bands in Cyberspace - vote MOERAES FATE ( Dame)

Thankfully, I've gotten back into stride and posted several new song chords over the past coupla weeks.

Right now, I have something to ask of you. Nothing, big, just a few minutes from your busy day, to listen to what I believe to be the best internet rock band around. It will cheer you up, make me happy, and make a bunch of really great young female rock musicians happy. Everybody wins... easy!!

I have only blogged off-topic twice before, to spread the good word on a fabulous young girl band from Canada called Dame ( 29 Sep 09 - now renamed as Moeraes Fate ). Since joining MySpace over 2 years ago to promote my website, I have been exposed to some of the best new music being produced by young bands, mostly unsigned. Many of these are on my 'Friend List' ( I always accept requests and respond with honest appraisals ), But Moeraes Fate ( formerly Dame ) for me are the future of rock music.

Moeraes Fate( Dame ) have stood out as the best internet band I've heard by far, writing and performing "Big loud rock tunes with big loud hooks" ( in their own words ), or kickass Rock music the way it was always meant to sound ( my version! ). They have four songs ( Cyclops, Intervention, Hey Angel, and Amnesia ) featured on the Moeraes Fate ( Dame ) Myspace page - three of these can also be heard on the Dame Battle of the Bands page. There is also a Youtube video montage of their songs on the Dame Band Myspace page.

If you can make it over, and cast your vote at this Moeraes Fate (Dame) Battle of the Bands page link, you'll have that warm feeling of having made the world a better place. Please do yourself a favour, listen to the Moeraes Fate (Dame) songs , they have a great new rock sound. And you can help a talented young all-girl rock band move on to better things.

If you are as impressed as I have been with the Moeraes Fate sound, remember that you can revisit and vote every day up to December 31

Thanks for your patience, there will be new song chords and lyrics coming along really soon!

Enjoy your music,


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