Sunday, December 09, 2007

Magic Numbers - Love Me Like You/Wheels on Fire chords

Haven't posted a Magic Numbers song for a while, but I've been listening to them quite a bit lately, and getting to really like their songs. So I've worked out two more and added them to my site. As I plan to include more chords and lyrics for their songs, I've created a Magic Numbers Guitar Chords page on my site.

The new songs added are both from the eponymous 2005 "Magic Numbers" album - "Love me like you" and "Wheels on Fire". Great songs to sing, obviously better if you have someone to do the harmonies!

You can find my version of the chords and lyrics for the songs at the link below.

You can find out more about The Magic Numbers, and check out music clips, videos, biography etc. at their official website: The Magic Numbers

You can check out Magic Numbers discography and buy their records online at the CD Universe link below:

Magic Numbers on CD Universe

Just to remind you aboutn a cool software tool for musicians I featured on a previous Blog post - SongSurgeon. This program would be a boon to any musician, not just guitar players. Basically a very simple idea - you take a song you own in electronic format - CD, MP3, whatever, and the program allows you to slow it down without changing the pitch. You can mark a section ( e.g. guitar solo ) and loop so that it plays over and over. Simple, but brilliant!

I hate to think of the number of hours I've spent with fingers poisted over the Pause, Play, and 'Back' buttons, just to try to figure out a nifty guitar riff, or make sense of a vocal. Pity no-one came up with this idea years ago!

Anyway, I highly recommend that you check it out, at

Enjoy your music!

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