Sunday, December 09, 2007

Wilco - Either Way Chords

Yet another band I keep promising to listen more too - Wilco, a kind of alternative country/indie band from Chicago. They've been around for quite a while ( first album released in 1995 ), but I'm listening to their later stuff and working my way back!

I've worked out my interpretation of "Either Way" from their new 2007 album "Sky Blue Sky" - a lovely song, one I really enjoy playing.

You can find my version of the song chords and lyrics for "Either Way" on my Rock Song chords page at the link below:

PJ's Guitar Chords and Lyrics - Rock Songs(E)

Find out more about Wilco on their official band website at

UPDATE 12 OCT 2009. This song, along with the other Wilco songs I've worked out, is now on my Wilco guitar chords and lyrics page. PJ

Enjoy your music!

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