Thursday, April 10, 2008

That's how people grow up - Morrissey

"That's how people grow up" is the fantastic single ( and the only new song ). from the "Greatest Hits" album of one Stephen Patrick Morrissey, aka Morrissey, aka 'Mozza'.

Having set the 80's alight with The Smiths, he continues to create pithy lyrics and haunting melodies; while there is a continuity with his early works, his newer songs still sound current.

It's quite a playable song, even on acoustic guitar. I've posted my interpretation of the chords and lyrics on the Smiths/Morrissey chords page of my website at the link below:

Free chords and lyrics to Morrissey - That's How People grow up

You can buy Morrissey albums, including the Greatest Hits ( and pre-order 'Lowdown Unauthorized - check it out ) at CDUniverse - Morrissey music page

Morrissey's official website is at and you can find him on MySpace at

Enjoy your music!

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