Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tom Waits - "Briar and the Rose" guitar chords

Always delighted to get requests for Tom Waits songs, mainly 'cos he's about my favourite artist, and also because I usually already have the chords for the song requested.

But typically...! Alan from Wellington, New Zealand requested chords for "Briar and the Rose" from the "Black Rider" album, which, I think, is the only Tom Waits album I don't own.

Strangely very little available on YouTube ( my reliable standby for songs I don't know ). I found a recent Live version of Tom singing the song at the French leg of his European tour, and a bunch of cover versions by various artists.

The live version was played in the key of E flat, so I stuck a capo on the first fret and worked out the chords in D, to be able to play along with the YouTube video. The other versions I checked out, and they were all in the key of G, so I've included both transcriptions in my interpretation of the song, which you can find at the link below:

Guitar chords and Lyrics for Tom Waits songs - "Briar and the Rose"

It's an absolutely delicious song, so thanks Alan, and I have a feeling the "Black Rider" CD could be in my stocking this Christmas!

You can check out Tom's official website at :

Enjoy your music!

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