Monday, December 01, 2008

Tom Waits "Tell It To Me" guitar chords & lyrics

As a huge Tom Waits fan, its pretty bad form that I had to wait for a visitor's request to sit down and work out another song from the fabulous "Orphans". Anyone familiar with the album will know that there are 3 'themed' CDs - 'Bawlers' , 'Brawlers' and 'Bastards'.

The latter consists of some weird and wonderful pieces, some spoken, some with just Tom on voice-box, but pretty much none of which are suited to just playing solo on a guitar. The songs from 'Brawlers' are tricky enough too. So far I've worked out only "Rains on Me" from 'Brawlers', and 'Poncho's Lament', 'Long Way Home', 'Little Drop of Poison' and 'Fannin Street' from the gorgeous "Bawlers" CD - all of these posted to my Tom Waits song chords page

This time around it's another 'Bawler' - "Tell it To Me" - the chords should be suited to guitar players of all abilities ( chords are C, C7, G and F ), and you can find it at the link below:

Guitar chords and lyrics to "Tell it to Me" by Tom Waits

You can check out Tom's official website at :

Enjoy your music!

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