Sunday, November 22, 2009

Van Morrison "Streets of Arklow" chords & lyrics

I had a very poignant request yesterday from Roscoe in Idaho, for this song. Roscoe has been fighting a long battle against cancer for some years, and takes great strength from listening to and playing music.

He particularly wanted to be able to play Van Morrison's "Streets of Arklow", from Van Morrison's 1974 "Veedon Fleece" album.

I did used to own the LP version of this great album, but it was one of many vinyl casualties of a house move some years ago.

I searched YouTube for an official version of the song with no luck, and my own recollection of the song was too vague to be sure of working out a reasonably accurate version.

So I owe a debt to 'Kefera' on YouTube, who had recorded a cover of the song, which on listening sounded true to the memory of the song I had in mind.

I worked out my chords & lyrics version based on this video, and have posted it to my Van Morrison guitar chords page, at the link below:

Guitar Chords and Lyrics to "Streets of Arklow" by Van Morrison"

Chords are as easy as you would wish - just C major and E minor, using hammer-on and -off on both chords for stronger effect. Play along with the great cover version of "Streets of Arklow" if you want to get the feel and rythm of the song just right.

I know you will join with me in wishing Roscoe success in his long-term battle against his illness, I hope there is truth in the power of combined prayer and well-wishing. I hope also that Roscoe doesn't mind that I have dedicated this post to him, and requested your combined wishes for his recovery. He is bearing his burden with strength and dignity, but I really hope that directing the positivity of the music community to his fight will be a force in aiding his recovery.

Enjoy your music, and let it be a source of strength to you, whatever your struggles may be.

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Sam said...

I hope Roscoe is okay and thanks for the music.