Monday, November 16, 2009

The Smiths "Cemetry Gates" guitar chords & lyrics

"The Queen is Dead" is widely recognized as the finest Smiths album, it's certainly my favourite!

The Smiths were one of very few bands and artists - Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, Madness, Nirvana - who sustained me through the 80's. Morrissey's quirky lyrics and compelling voice and Johnny Marr's acrobatic guitar playing were a real breath of fresh air.

I've already posted a few of the songs from the album to my Smiths guitar chords page, including "Frankly Mr. Shankly", "Bigmouth", "There is a light that never goes out" (great, great song!), I've now added "Cemetry Gates" (original spelling) to the list.

Quite easy chords (for The Smiths!) - just G, C, D, Em and Bm, with a Gmaj7 thrown in for the opening and closing riffs. Obviously you're not gonna recreate the Smiths sound just playing chords, but you can still have a lot of fun with this song. Check out the chords and lyrics at the link below:

Guitar Chords and Lyrics to Cemetry Gates by The Smiths

If you'd like to play along to get the feel of the song, listen to the video above. This is the YouTube link: Smiths "Cemetry Gates"

If you aspire to becoming a better guitar player, check out my list of cool and useful guitarist resources on my Online Guitarist Resources page

Enjoy your music!

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