Thursday, November 05, 2009

Jack Johnson "Hope" guitar chords & lyrics

When I heard about the impending release of Jack Johnson's new album 'En Concert', it reminded me how great the 2008 'Sleep Through the Static" album was, and how few songs I'd worked out from it. The last Jack Johnson song chords I posted to the site were for "If I had eyes".

So I've had a listen through the album again, and picked "Hope" as a great song, both to listen to and to play, as my next song to work out playable chords and lyrics for. I've posted them to my Jack Johnson page, at the link below:

Jack Johnson guitar chords and lyrics I know you'll have fun playing this one! It has the typical Jack Johnson bubbly calypso sound, and very easy chords - G, Am, and C - pretty much the first three chords most learning guitarists get to grips with.

Play along with the video above or on YouTube.

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