Tuesday, May 25, 2010

John Mayer "Heartbreak Warfare"

Ok, I will always have an affection for John Mayer's earlier works, the songs on "Room for Squares" and "Heavier Things" were almost all classics. "Continuum" seemed to bring him closer to mainstream, albeit with a bluesy edge - on the plus side, these songs were less intricate, and a little easier for the learning guitarist to get to grips with.

His latest album "Battle Studies" sees him return to his strenghths. "Heartbreak Warfare" is the 2nd single from the album ( I had already posted my interpretation of the debut single "Who Says" to my John Mayer song chords page. While it is reminiscent of some of the earlier songs, the warm fuzzy lyrics ( "Your body is a wonderland", "Come back to bed" ) have had a healthy injection of cynicism which, I think, adds strength and depth to the songs.

While the range of chords will probably be beyond the scope of the very early learner, don't be put off by the number and apparent complexity of the chords if you have a reasonable repertoire of chords - these are mainly 'sus2' and 'Maj7' chords. The notes shown after the '/' indicate the addition of an additional bass note, but if you find this a bit of a stretch, just try playing the standard Dsus2 or Fmaj7 chord, learn the song, and work on the embellishments at a later stage.

I've indicated the finger positions for the chords at the start of the transcription, showing the frets to be held for each string, thickest to thinnest, so that Asus2=x02200 means 'mute the bass E string, leave A string open, hold down 2nd fret on D and G strings, and play the B and treble E strings open.

I've added this to my list of 17 songs, covering all 3 albums, on my John Mayer page at the link below:

Guitar Chords and Lyrics to "Heartbreak Warfare" by John Mayer.

Play along with the video here:

... or on Youtube at John Mayer "Heartbreak Warfare" on Youtube"

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