Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Paolo Nutini "Ten out of Ten" Guitar Chords

Paolo Nutini is a really versatile artist, and singer-songwriter. Having first attracted my attention with his wispy ballads from his debut album "These Streets" - especially "Last Request" and "New Shoes", and the debut single "Candy" from "Sunny Side Up", he certainly got into the spirit of the Summer of 2010 with his latest singles.

"Pencil Full of Lead" was a bright and breezy single which I posted a short while ago to my Paolo Nutini guitar song chords page, where I also have chords and lyrics for "Last Request", "New Shoes", "Worried Man" and "Candy".

His new single "Ten out of Ten" ( 10/10 ) is equally bouncy, with a light ska / reggae rythm reminiscent of Madness' "The Prince" and of course with Paolo's distinctive vocal, which always sounds like he's having a good time!

I've worked out the chords and lyrics for "Ten out of Ten" - chords are really easy and very suited to learning guitar players - just combinations of C, G and F - and I've posted them to my Paolo Nutini Song chords and lyrics page at the link below

Guitar Chords and Lyrics to Paolo Nutini "Ten out of Ten"

Try playing along with the video above, or click here to play the YouTube video.

Paolo's new album, "Sunny Side Up", and his previous record "These Streets" can be purchased online at
this Paolo Nutini CD Universe music link

Paolo's official website is at http://www.paolonutini.com

Enjoy your music!

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Music for Songwriters said...

This is the first time I have heard of him. Very talented indeed. I'll be checking him out.