Thursday, March 24, 2011

Guitar Chords to "Kentish Town Waltz" by Imelda May and Lou Reed

This is only my second post of a song by the divine Imelda May. There are actually two versions of the song released, one with just Imelda May and the other where she duets with the legendary Lou Reed - an unlikely combination, but it works! Although, I have to admit that the solo version is my favourite of this gorgeous little story, based on Imelda's real-life experience of arriving in London seeking her fortune.

"Kentish Town Waltz" is taken from the third Imelda May album "Mayhem", which also features the single of the same name, and her brilliant cover of "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell ( click the link for my chords & lyrics transcription for that classic ).

The song has very simple chords, suitable for early learners and consisting of G, D, D7, C and Am.

I have posted my transcription of this song to my Pop songs guitar chords page at the link below, give it a try, and have fun! Imelda and the band are currently ( April '11 ) touring with Jeff Beck, so if you get the chance, that's a gig worth attending!

Guitar chords and lyrics to "Kentish Town Waltz" by Imelda May

Play along with the video above, or on Youtube at Imelda May "Kentish Town Waltz" on YouTube

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Enjoy your music!

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