Friday, October 14, 2011

Sade "Still In Love With You" Guitar Chords and Lyrics

Following a return from over 10 years of retirement, and the release of a new album "Soldier of Love", Sade have released a brilliant compilation album, "The Ultimate Collection", featuring all of the old classics ( including my own personal favourite "By Your Side".

As well as providing all your favourite Sade songs on one album, there is also the inclusion of an absolutely gorgeous cover of a ( to me at least ) lesser-known Thin Lizzy song "Still in Love with You". Since hearing the cover, I have checked out the original, which is brilliant, but when you listen to the cover version it just sounds like the song was written for Sade's smooth and smoky vocals.

The chords for the song are straightforward enough - Am, D, Dm, G, C, C/B and Am7, with a single Fmaj7 right at the end, although as indicated in my transcription, you can alter these chords slightly for a bluesier sound.

I've posted my interpretation of Sade's cover of "Still in Love With You" to my Sade song chords page, or at the link below:

Guitar chords and lyrics to "Still In Love With You" by Sade

Play along with the video above, or on Youtube at Sade "Still In Love With You" on YouTube

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