Friday, October 14, 2011

Foo Fighters "Rope" Guitar Chords and Lyrics

"Rope" is the first single from the new Foo Fighters album "Wasting Light", and it's Dave and the boys doing what they do best - nifty riffs and chords, building up to the trademark anthemic chorus. It's the first Foo Fighters song I've added to PJs Guitar Chords and Lyrics since "Wheels", almost two years ago.

It's great to see a classic rock band like the Foo Fighters still out there making good rock songs and releasing singles - I have been finding it really difficult in the past few years to use the charts as a source of good songs to work out on guitar, and I'm hearing fewer and fewer songs on radio that make me want to reach for my guitar.

Although it's not an obvious song for playing on acoustic guitar, I have worked out a set of chords which will hopefully be playable on either electric or acoustic ( no tabs for the lead solo, I'm afraid! ). The main body of the song is carried along with a set of 'triads' - three chords played in quick succession, i.e.:

Bm-D-Bm ; F#m-A-F#m ; Dm-C-Dm ; Dm-C-Dm ;

The chords in the pre-chorus and chorus are pretty straightforward, Bm, F#m, Dm, G, Em and A, with a nice little slide up at the end: G-G#m-A-Bb-Bm

I have uploaded my transcription of "Rope" to my Foo Fighters songs chords page, or at the link below:

Rock Guitar chords and lyrics to "Rope" by The Foo Fighters

Play along with the video above, or on Youtube at Foo Fighters "Rope" on YouTube

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Enjoy your music!

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