Monday, September 22, 2008

The Fratellis - "Look out Sunshine" chords & lyrics

The second Fratellis album "Here we Stand" continues to grow on me. After the euphoria of "Costello Music", to my mind the best debut album in decades, I feared that the follow-up was lacking in some of the urgency and feelgood factor of it's predecessor, but I think it may just be a "slow-burner", the new songs are beginning to acquire a personality of their own.

"Look out Sunshine" is the 2nd single from the album, another cynical but bouncy romp.

I've worked out my interpretation of the chords and lyrics of the song, and added it to my Fratellis song chords page:

The Fratellis guitar chords and lyrics

Once again, the song is in the key of B Major, and doesn't really lend itself to transcription to an easier key, sorry! Players in the early learning stage may find it tricky, but if you're a Fratellis fan, hopefully you'll stick with it, learn the song and improve your skills at the same time! If you took the plunge and learned "Mistress Mabel" ( also in B major ), you'll have already had loads of practice at the chord shapes and changes, so should find it easier this time around.

You can browse or buy the new album ( or "Costello Music") online at this CD Universe Fratellis music link.

Check out the Fratellis official website at:

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Enjoy your music!

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